Will Evans is a beast. While I am on the “my favorite male poets” kick that I seems to be on, let me talk for a minute about William Evans and his new cd, Kingslayer. I have a fear of spoken word albums. I mean, I have some poetry cds that I have listened to so much that I know every click and swallow of their throat, but when someone says, “Hey, check out my spoken word cd,” no matter how good that poet is, you could be setting yourself up for a really awkward encounter the next time you see them. 

This cd came through for me. It is stunningly produced. The beats are gorgeous.There is an intensity to so many of the pieces that is enhanced by the music instead of it being distracting. Will’s work is so unapologetically masculine that it is refreshing for me to listen to. I feel like I am getting an ass whooping’ inside of a bear hug. There were tracks like “Soothsayer” that had me driving on the highway, pounding on the steering wheel screaming, “YES! This is what poetry is capable of.”

"Promises are the mistresses that call your house with no shame." It is the swift blade we are used to with Will but also some new fresh quirky approaches that inspired and soothed. I guess it’s just the reason I call him "coach."